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Bookcase - Light mahogany - Mogens Koch - Rud Rasmussen - 1960
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The light mahogany bookcase, designed by Mogens Koch and manufactured by Rud Rasmussen in the 1960s, is a remarkable piece of furniture that represents a harmonious fusion of functionality and aesthetics.

Mogens Koch, a renowned Danish furniture designer, was known for creating furniture with timeless beauty and practical utility. The light mahogany bookcase bears the stamp of his minimalist approach and attention to detail.

The light mahogany wood contributes to the bookshelf's natural warmth and elegant appearance. This type of wood was popular in the middle of the 20th century and is known for its beautiful color and characteristic grain pattern.

The design of the bookshelf is characteristic of Koch's style. His furniture is often simple, well-proportioned and designed to serve its purpose without superfluous details. This makes them versatile and timeless in different settings.

Rud Rasmussen, a renowned Danish cabinetmaker specializing in quality furniture, has been involved in the production of this bookcase. This ensures that the furniture is made with care and precision, which is characteristic of their workshop.

Dating to the 1960s places the bookcase in the middle of the golden era of Danish furniture design. This era was characterized by a fondness for quality materials, minimalist aesthetics and timeless designs.

Measurements in cm: 76 W:76 D:28

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