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Unusual large Anglais glass

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Height 16 cm.

Anglais have been made by order as late as 1960. We think that thise glasses have been a part of this late "made to order" production.

The glasses are in clear and fine crystal glass.
Anglais is the first full Danish glass series with sizes from schnapps glass to large red wine glass and champagne flutes.

Anglais is produced on both Holmegaard in the period 1853-1920 and at Kastrup Glassworks in the period 1880-1900.

However, the type is known from other Danish works, but due to small catalog material it is not possible to date their production.

Anglais is available in 3 versions. A smooth version called "Smooth Anglais", a version with an optical twist called "Snerle" and finally this cut version.

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